Nate Ebner – USA Men’s Rugby Sevens Team

Samurai International (in white) defeats Natixis HKFC (in white and black stripes) 29 to 0 during Day 1 (Pool D) of GFI HKFC Rugby Tens 2016 on 06 April 2016 at Hong Kong Football Club in Hong Kong, China. Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano / Power Sport Images

Nate Ebner is a committed United States rugby player, given he also plays for the New England Patriots and wears a Superbowl ring. Ebner played his college football at Ohio State University but did not compete in his freshman and sophmore years as he was playing representative rugby. He played in numerous national age competitions and represented the United States, making the National Sevens squad at age 17. Ebner was also a member of the Under 19 and Under 20 national squads prior to starting his college football career, where he walked on as a junior and was offered a scholarship as a senior for his outstanding special teams play. This lead to him being drafted by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.