France Women’s Rugby Sevens Team

The Squad

Fanny Horta
Audrey Amiel
Pauline Biscarat
Camille Grassineau
Lina Guérin
Elodie Guiglion
Shannon Izar
Caroline Ladagnous
Jade Le Pesq
Marjorie Mayans
Rose Thomas
Jennifer Troncy

About the Team

The French were favorites to win the last time rugby was part of the competition, but lost to the United States and had to help police escort them from the Paris playing field as angry locals ran on to the pitch.

Female players from France and Spain will become the first rugby players contending for medals since 1924.

The European neighbours will meet in the first game of the rugby sevens competition at the Deodoro Stadium in the Brazilian city, in a Pool B clash on August 6.

France women's rugby sevens totals Rio Olympics