Fiji Women’s Rugby Sevens Team

The Squad

Ana Roqica
Asena Rokomarama
Lavenia Tinai
Litia Naiqato
Luisa Tisolo
Merewai Cumu
Raijieli Daveua
Rebecca Tavo
Rusila Nagasau
Timaima Ravisa
Tima Tamoi
Viniana Riwai

About the Team

The Fijiana team – the Women’s Rugby Sevens team – qualified for their trip to Brazil by winning the Oceania Sevens against Samoa 55-0.

“We have been working very hard, we couldn’t wait for this moment and nothing was going to stop us from coming here and doing our job,” Fiji’s Rebecca Tavo, a former captain of Australia’s women’s side told Reuters.

Fiji has yet to win a medal of any kind and between the men’s and women’s rugby teams they stand a possibility to win two. The Women’s Rugby Sevens will be the first medals given out in team sports this competition so Fiji could be celebrating hard early.

Fiji women's rugby sevens totals Rio Olympics