Australia Men’s Rugby Sevens Team

The Squad

Nick Malouf
Jesse Parahi
Henry Hutchison
Lewis Holland
James Stannard
Con Foley
Cameron Clark
Pat McCutcheon
Ed Jenkins
Allan Fa’alava’au
John Porch
Tom Cusack

About the Team

Flag_of_AustraliaThe Wallabies will be looking to grab top honors against a tough gathering of Seven squads. South Africa will represent their hardest competitor in their pool, while Fiji and New Zealand expect to go deep in the tournament.

The Wallabies cannot afford to look too far ahead, especially as South Africa finished the last few World Seven tournaments strong and are currently higher ranked than Australia.

“You can’t look too far ahead, so even our first two games against France and Spain you can’t underestimate those two,” Wallaby forward Colin Foley noted. “If we only concentrate on South Africa or look further ahead that can sort of come back to bite you”.

“So all the focus is going into those first three games and then hopefully we will look forward past that when we get to it,” he added.

Australia men's rugby sevens totals Rio Olympics